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Like the title says, this is my page of fan fiction. I attribute the idea completely to my friend Fiona, who has suffered through me reading a lot of these out loud. She's my original beta reader, who has brought out a lot of good questions, and has made me question my own reactions to things. When I started thinking about revamping this page, I started thinking about why I wrote. I write now because I can't keep from doing it; it's a habit. Why did I start? Good question. I have two boxes full of writing (most of it unreadable), but no answers. Part of it may be that seeing these people, who are living their dreams, makes me want them in my life. And this is how I do it.


07/19/2010: My site is now officially under construction. I have some things I want to fix in here - like a complete overhaul - and I'm not sure what will be here and what won't. If anyone is still here, still even looking at this, let me know what you'd like me to keep.

I have some different "universes" - all of them AU - and I need some way to designate them. I'm just not sure how.

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